The Advantages of Using Airless Techniques for Cosmetics

The Advantages of Using Airless Techniques for Cosmetics 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

When launching a new cosmetic product, it is totally normal to focus on the formula and the benefits it will bring to customers. But equally fundamental is the packaging, which can help you sell your product by proposing it as innovative at first glance. If you have heard of airless technology (without air) you know that it is one of the most interesting and if you continue reading you can find out what it consists of and what advantages it can bring to your product and therefore to sales.

Airless technology: how it works.

Airless technology is a packaging system that seals the product while protecting it from the air. It is a non-pressurised system, which includes a sealed container and a mechanical pump that allows the product to be pushed upwards. The product is dispensed only through the dispenser and never comes into contact with air or bacteria.

Airless technology: for which cosmetic products.

Just do a store cheque in the perfumery or the beauty department of the large distribution to realise how many products types are sold with the airless dispenser. You will find bottles of face serums, quality body creams, and hair mousses. But also tubes of eye contour creams equipped with airless system. All products must be dosed with care avoiding any waste.

The advantages of airless technology: no air contamination.

Air is the vital element par excellence. Yet it is also responsible for the deterioration of substances. Just think of foods, such as meat. Contact with oxygen speeds up the oxidation processes. The airless bottles protect the product from contact with air and therefore the formula remains intact longer, extending the life of the product. The law provides for the indication of the expiry date and you can indicate a more prolonged date, which will be appreciated by the consumer.

The advantages of airless technology: no contamination with bacteria.

Not coming into contact with air also means avoiding contamination with bacteria of any kind. The creams in jars always come into contact with the hands which can “pass” germs and bacteria. In recent years we have learnt to know the risks associated with contamination and to appreciate the systems that ensure total hygiene. Airless bottles respond to these new needs and can contribute to the success of your product.

The advantages of airless technology: less use of preservatives.

Cosmetics owe their effectiveness to the active ingredients contained in the formulae. A cream in a jar must contain a certain amount of preservatives to avoid the degeneration of the active ingredients and maintain the effectiveness of the product. By preventing contact with air, the airless dispensers allow less use of preservatives. This is news that you can communicate on the bottle or in your advertisements, because consumers prefer cosmetics without too many preservatives for their skin. A feature that makes airless dispensers also ideal for natural cosmetics like these.

The advantages of airless technology: cosmetics are easier to use.

Technology is chosen also and above all to satisfy the customer. Airless dispensers are easy and pleasant to use. The product doses perfectly and is hygienic, and the bottle always remains clean. The airless system gives cosmetics a technological allure with a very contemporary taste.

The advantages of airless technology: top-of-the-range cosmetics.

The dress doesn’t make the monk, but the packaging says a lot about your product. If you offer a cream, a serum, or a mousse with airless technology, you present your product as a top-of-the-range product, for those who demand novelties of value from the formula to the packaging. Is the airless dispenser worth it? It can be worth it, especially if you have a product that is not particularly original. In fact, between two identical products, the one with an airless dispenser has a more contemporary and avant-garde air. In any case, pay great attention to the type of packaging, internal and external of your cosmetics. You can find tips and an interesting selection guide in this article.

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